Try not to drool at the Lamborghini Aventador Nazionale

Lamborghini Aventador Nazionale

Only if you’ve been living under a rock, you might have missed the Beijing Motor Show. And if you missed coverage of the show, shame on you.

You will have missed out on the jaw-droppingly, inner-child provoking Lambo Aventador Nazionale. A standard price you’d need to pay cash for cars of the standard Aventador build, you’re talking £253,200 (so, expect the Nazionale to be well in excess of this, probably closer to the side of £1m).

Whilst it’s similar to the Gallardo Tricolore of three years ago, it still gets our motor running, and if we had the money we’d most certainly splash. Since we don’t, one can still admire and dream.

A program Ad Personam has been released which allows customisation, becuase who wants the same supercar as someone else when you forked out so much, right?

The Nazionale pictured above displays a stunning white with triclore racing stripes, flying the Italian flag with pride.

Watch a slideshow from the event below (we challenge you not to drool).

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