Toyota Yaris GRMN at Geneva motorshow 2017

Yaris GRMN is the latest by Toyota to have surfaced in the market. The acronym GRMN stands for Gazoo Racing Masters of Nuburgring. The car is the only main competitor to Fiesta ST, finally allowing the buyers of such cars a little more choice. However, Toyota disagrees with this. According to them Yaris GRMN will be more radical and target a higher niche.

The Yaris GRMN has a 1.8 litre four cylinder Lotus engine which allows 205 horsepower (205bhp) for the front wheels. The maximum power is expected to be around 220bhp although we do not have any accurate estimates yet. The new car only offers a single transmission option which is a six-speed manual. It has 17-inch wheels and a stiffer body structure than the previous Yaris. The vehicle also features a small exit exhaust at the centre.

The design also includes unique body panels which further increase the attraction of Yaris GRMN for the buyers who have a liking for innovative rides. A 62mph jump from nil is expected to take a little over six seconds while the maximum speed should be somewhere around 140 mph. This is the fastest from any of Toyota’s car yet. Again, the estimates are quite vague due to the lack of sufficient available data.

The weight of the car is expected to be just over 1100kg. It promises to be the most responsive hot hatch. This is possible because of the limited slip differential from Torsen. The brakes are likely to be stronger making it a safer and more stable ride. The new Yaris GRMN is 30mm lower than a regular one. Currently, it is said that the initial production will be limited. This might be a good idea to test the waters before going for a full throttle launch.

Toyota Yaris GRMN at Geneva motorshow 2017
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Toyota Yaris GRMN at Geneva motorshow 2017
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