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Autonomous Emergency Braking: life-saving or lazy driving?

Testing uses specially developed targets with characteristics of colour, size, light and radar reflectivity chosen to represent a real car

News today reveals potentially dozens of lives could be saved if new autonomous emergency breaking (AEB) technology was made compulsory in all new cars.

The announcement is backed by road safety campaigners and insurance companies alike with one director of research suggesting:

‘[AEB is] the next seatbelt.’

This new technology would use radar, camera and laser sensors to detect potential collisions.

Some critics think it will make us lazy and too heavily-reliant on the technology.

One in five new cars is fitted with the new system, according to BBC’s Newsbeat.

Would do you think? Good or bad idea?

One car accident every minute and other crazy car accident facts

I am never getting in a silver or white car on a Friday in Russia. You’ve got a death wish if you do.

Courtesy of Topquote.ie and The Car Expert blog.