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Porsche Cayenne – Platinum Edition revealed

The Porsche Cayenne SUV has been given the “Platinum” treatment in the form of a new Platinum Edition, coming in June.

Porsche Panamera S: sleek, powerful and… economical

Porsche Panamera S

With the Geneva Motor Show 2014 well under way, it would seem rude not to cover it being one of the biggest motoring events on the planet and all.

One particular article which caught our attention was this electric number: the Porsche Panamera S. Slee, powerful, aerodynamic, and capable of 167mph.

That’s not all. It will run 20 miles on nothing but battery power.

A hybrid by nature, the 3-litre beast  is fast, powerful AND economical. Reportedly, you can drive 91 miles on just one gallon of petrol.

Fancy a Porsche?

To bag an old-school Porsche Panemera, a glance at the Glass book will show you how high in demand the line is.

Parkers is also great indicator for car valuations if you fancy getting your hands behind a classic Porsche.