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Nissan LEAF nears 1bn kilometre mark

The Nissan LEAF is nearing the one billion kilometre mark, after already being crowned the world’s best-selling electric car in the world.

Whilst not he most fashionable or aesthetically-pleasing vehicles to drive, the car is reported to have now saved environment-conscious motorists a combined £52.5m.

With the LEAF costing just 1p-a-kilometre to run compared to the conventional 6.25p-a-kilometre petrol car, it’s easy to see how the savings rack up.

It is thought the billion kilometre mark will be passed by the end of 2014. Rising sales and the rapidly expanding quick charge network may mean the figure is surpassed even earlier still.

If you’re considering buying a Nissan LEAF, prices start from £15,990 brand new.

Nissan unveils striking new concepts

<br /><br /> The Nissan Sports Sedan Concept vehicle indicates the next steps of Nissan's design team.

Nissan is celebrating its 80th birthday in style with the release of the a pair of concept cars in Detroit at the NAIAS.

The Nissan Sport Sedan and Sentra NISMO concept cars were unveiled to great applause in the historic car manufacturing mecca.

The biggest look-in to the future was the car’s floating roof, which adds an air of lightness and speed.

It really does appear to gravitate over the main body of the car. To read more about that and some of the new features which can expect from the Japanese giant, we suggest following the link below: