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The Road to the Modern Day Car (Infographic)

Innovations in the motor industry are constantly evolving, from designs to systems to styling.

As science and technology advances, so will the modern day car.

From the days of large-wheeled Daimler and Benz models in the late-nineteenth century to the self-driving cars proposed for today, the motor industry has seen many great innovations in little more than a century.

Worth an estimated $888.5bn (£554.1bn), the global motor vehicle industry is growing from strength to strength.

Metals4u has kindly paid homage to the industry and its innovators with this timeline of landmark breakthroughs…


One car accident every minute and other crazy car accident facts

I am never getting in a silver or white car on a Friday in Russia. You’ve got a death wish if you do.

Courtesy of Topquote.ie and The Car Expert blog.

Where is it cheapest in Europe to fill up? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ever wondered how we fare versus the rest of Europe when we fill up at the pumps?

London-based alloy wheel repair and refurbishment specialists, FA Wheels, have provided us with a stunning graphic that depicts just that.

At €1.53 per litre for unleaded petrol and €1.62 for diesel, the UK isn’t the cheapest — but were not the worst off either.

The Netherlands, Italy and Scandinavia all pay a little more per litre at the pumps.

Whilst reassuring to read we’re not that worse off as far as the EU is concerned, the graphic also offers handy tips on how to save time and money on your fuel.

Tips include filling up at the supermarket rather than a motorway service station, and noting petrol stations on the continent tend to be closed on Sundays, bank holidays and early evenings.

Go further: get the most out of your fuel today.