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Hands off my RS4!

Did you know that the Audi RS4 is the most stolen Audi in the UK? You couldn’t blame burglars for at least trying…

According to MSN UK, the gorgeous RS4 (seen below) was the joint fourth most stolen car in the UK in 2012. It shares the not so sought-after accolade with the BMW 3 Series.

Audi’s super-saloon appears for the first time in the list, which also features the BMW M3 (3rd) , Range Rover (Vogue and Sport) (2nd) and topping the charts, the BMW X5.

4= Audi RS4 (© Audi)

In the US, the Audi doesn’t fare too well either, with reports the Audi S8 and Toyota Camry stand out on NHTSA’s most stolen cars list.

The RS4 has a roaring 4.2-litre V8 engine under the hood. That, coupled with four-wheel drive makes the German powerhouse almost uncatchable the road. Some might say, the ultimate getaway car.

A new 450hp estate model now graces our roads. So if you’re lucky enough to still have yours, you might consider going to sell your car to trusted car buyers now, before you risk losing it to a thief!