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Only 14 Ferraris made every day!

Did you know that Ferrari makes only 14 cars a day? Pretty exclusive, right?

Whilst at first the figure seems pretty shocking, it should come as little surprise considering the close to £1m price tag of the new Ferrari Enzo (seen here drag racing… another Enzo).

Another incredible fact (your getting two for the price of one today – lucky you!) is that the Ferrari Enzo is in fact the name of the founder, Enzo Ferrari. Cool, huh?

Favourite Ferraris

My favourite Ferraris collection, if you haven’t already noticed includes the Enzo pretty highly. Another fan favourite (and huge heart-throb of mine) is the Scuderia.

I’m forever checking out this great online blog, news and views from the Ferrari Formula One Team, which I highly recommend.

When not following the Ferrari on the F1 track, I’m pretty much glued to the screen for great videos like this one, where the Ferrari 458 Italia takes on the McLaren MP4-12C and the Porsche 997 Turbo MkII.

The 458 is a mid-engined sports car, and takes over from the equally stunning F430. If you look at the attention to detail, you can understand why there are so few Ferraris manufactured every year.

In particular, the features and exterior styling have been designed with aerodynamic efficiency in mind. Drag is reduced and downforce increased when the front grille winglets lower at high speeds. This just goes to show how much thought goes into each and every Ferrari!

Heck, even Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher helped design the interior.

No love lost

Another aweosme video out there is from Top Gear’s 15th season, where the Ferrari 458 won against its older brother – the 430 – by some margin! See the Ferrari 458 take on the 430 and the Top Gear track in style.

The 458 clocked 1:19.1 – just 0.1 second behind the friggin’ Ferrari Enzo! Enjoy.