Lexus UX – Quick Review

Lexus is a luxury SUV brand which is a branch of the very famous Toyota Company. At the Paris Motor Show, Lexus presented a concept of an addition to their SUV range. It is a mini SUV and a funky one, surprisingly. Lexus announced that the car has gone into manufacturing, but there weren’t many details about when and where the car will be released. The Lexus managing officer, Yoshihiro Sawa announced at the Geneva Motor Show that the UX should be expected to soon hit the market.



Designed at the ED2 design centre in France, the UX will be among the NX and RX crossovers. It will be a four seater coupe-like car which will offer remarkable off-road drives. The car will be up on display at the upcoming New York auto show. “We try to capture these new younger buyers so that we change our design ways.”, the company says about this unique style of car. It is something new for the company to produce something like the UX. But, as they say, they are trying to be innovative for their younger customers who would like to fulfil their fantasy of having a nice sporty car while still pulling off the trendy look. The other models of Lexus are more luxury looking and less funky.

The car comes with kinetic seating technology. It has seat cushions that have the web like designs over them. The backrests of the seats move kinetically to automatically adjust according to the passenger’s weight. This will allow more comfortable seats than ever. Hence, long drives in the car will never give you a sore back. The interior is very futuristic with its holographic designs, unique features like the finned sound bar that is removable, and elastic straps in place of seat cushions.

It will be one of the smallest SUV crossovers of Toyota and also in the market. The UX crossover has stirred some serious craze among the people. Therefore, we are hoping Lexus will come out with the car as soon as possible, and it should go up for sale sooner too.

Lexus UX - Quick Review
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Lexus UX - Quick Review
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