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Peugeot parts with company car range

peugeot 207cc

Are you a fan of models like the 207CC?

Sadly, this, along with a number of other niche Peugeot models are facing the cull in a couple of months.

The drop of the coupé cabriolet is part of a radical re-branding to ‘Move Upmarket’, as the company looks for more “profitable channels of distribution”.

In this re-branding, Puegeot will now have just four small cars, five medium-sized cars and four in what they call the C-SUV/D categories.

In numbers

From the 108 to 508, the range will extend

Fewer niche models in between

Concentration on 13 models going forward

CEO Maxime Picat said:

“Ninety-four per cent of the models I sell are already represented by the cars we will focus on, and we will gain some sales by moving into new markets.”

Whilst Peugeot struggle in Russia and Latin America still, Europe and Japan have undergone significant revival. In the re-brand, it is expected Peugeot will hope to gain in their problem markets.