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Lynk & Co Teases First Vehicle

Lynk & Co, the mysterious Chinese sub-brand of popular carmaker Geely has released a teaser image of its first vehicle, currently scheduled to be launched on October 20th.

Jaguar Land Rover’s Slovakian factory

Construction of Jaguar Land Rover’s Slovakian factory begins

The construction of the £1 billion Jaguar Land Rover Slovakian factory is currently under way.

If you are a fan of Jaguar Land Rover then you’ll be pleased to know that the brand’s highly anticipated new factory, scheduled to open its doors in late 2018, has officially began.

Google and FCA Fiat Chrysler confirm autonomous car partnership

autonomous-carLast month, a rumour emerged that Google was planning to pair up with Fiat Chrysler to collaborate on autonomous vehicles. People began to speculate, leading to the matter making headlines, resulting in even more false information circulating online.

Is Terrafugia Transition the world’s first flying car?

Flying cars have appeared in films, books, video games as well as a variety of other media throughout the years. They became a staple of the science fiction genre, enchanting people of all ages with the idea of air travel. Unfortunately our technology hasn’t been advanced enough to make flying vehicles possible, but is this about to change?

Is the Elibreia Supercar the most unusual-looking concept car ever made?

We’ve seen some unique vehicles over the years, however every once in a while a new car emerges that elevates things to another level and makes us question whether what we are seeing is real.

The recently unveiled, Elibreia Supercar concept, is one of those vehicles. Its extremely unusual appearance doesn’t resemble anything we’ve ever seen before, which is a great thing.

Elibreia Supercar

Diesel Cars: Why are people concerned?

The recent Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal has everyone talking. Many are wondering what the big deal is and what all the fuss is about?

Well, the simple answer is – Pollution!

It is assumed by many that diesel engines produce less carbon dioxide (CO2) therefore they are better than their petrol counterparts – Better for the environment, better for us. But how bad is the problem?