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Brabus reveals tuned Merc CLA 45 AMG

The Brabus is a hopped-up Mercedes CLA 45 AMG. As revealed on Top Gear, this turbo-charged monster has an engine power of 394bhp and a sprint from 0-62mph in just 4.2 seconds.

The new beast will hit 168mph after the removal of its speed limiter. Benz’s seven-speed twin-clutch paddle shift gearbox remains.

On the ourside, we have 19-inch AMG alloys and door mirror casings lined with red accents (presumably akin to go-faster stripes).

Whilst there is no word on price, we say budget considerably more than the CLA 45 AMG’s price tag of £41,500.

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Mercedes was a model of car first

Did you know that Mercedes was originally a model of the motor group, Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (DMG).

In 1900, after the death of co-founder Gottlieb Daimler, DMG started to develop. The name was not formally lodged til 1902.
It wasn’t until post-1926 that the best-selling German car manufacturer Mercedes was born.
Pictured above is the 1924 Mercedes 28/95 Wooden skiff touring car, notably with the three-point star ornament — not the classic Mercedes-Benz cirxular emblem you’ll be more familiar with today.
Mercedes benz silverlogo.png

New 2015 Mercedes C-Class unveiled

Did you know the new eagerly-anticipated 2015 Mercedes C-Class was launched today?

The latest four-door C-Class saloon has drawn design inspiration from its sleeker brother: the high-end S-Class. See the Cclass unveiled before NAIAS, courtesy of Designboom.

The sexy Merc, whilst still just over a year away from release, the 2015 C-class offers upscaled features.

German luxury car giant, Mercedes Benz, pushes the redesigned sedan further upmarket whilst making it lighter, bigger and better equipped than its big brother.

The Autoblog have heralded it ‘no longer a baby Benz’, revealing the new version of this top-selling model boasts more dynamic styling and more advanced electronics.

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