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Land Rover Evoque more economical and fun to drive

Range Rover Evoque 2015 model year in New York April 2014

The Land Rover Range Rover Evoque offers a refined driving style and a cabin that retains the design and quality we’ve all come to know and love from sporty SUV.

With an engine power of 237bhp and a top speed of 135mph, it’s a welcome improvement on its predecessor.

And with a fuel economy up to 36.2mpg, it’s not too bad on the fuel guzzeling as well.

Our overall verdict is: we like it. On first look, it is still as special as the LRX concept which it is based on. Plus with the much needed fuel economy improvements, you feel a lot less guilty driving it.

Read a more in-depth review on the 9-speed version at the Telegraph:

Did you know Defender is stopping production soon?

Land Rover, a brand of the Jaguar Land Rover family, are operated by Tata Motors.

The four-wheel-drive specialists, who has its headquarters in Whitley, Coventry, was bought out by the Indian motor company back in 2008.

Some of their most notable vehicles include the Freelander and the commercial Discovery.


File:Land Rover Freelander.jpg



The Defender is the staple Land Rover line. Launched in 1948, the Defender will finally hang up its boots in December 2015, pushing the model into even greater rarity.

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New Range Rover debuts long-wheel base at LA Auto Show

Did you know that there is a new Range Rover released, unveiled at the LA Auto Show.

This is the debut of the long-wheelbase version, as seen in AutoWeek this week.

Range Rover debuts long wheelbase version at LA Auto Show

All we know is that it is called the The Range Rover Autobiography BlackThe car boasts an domainating 7.8-inch wheelbase making for more passenger legroom and is aesthetically-pleasing inside and out.

Jaguar Land Rover marketing director said: “It epitomizes sophisticated design with immaculate attention to detail. The subtle, elegant and luxurious finishing touches combine with a first class experience for both driver and passengers to deliver new levels of exclusivity to our customers.”

You might be thinking about selling your used Land Rover in order to better save to get your hands behind one of these babies.