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Kia K4 concept vying for modern family market

Kia K4 concept revealed in Beijing

The Kia K4 concept has been revealed to our delight at the Beijing Motor Show 2014.

Its debut, sadly for the Chinese market only (much like most of the cars at the motoring event), has been described by Kia as “simple, distinctive and dignified” in design.

The mid-size saloon offers generous interior spacing and comes with a tidy 1.6-litre turbo-powered engine.

Production will start at the end of this year. The K4 goes on sale in China soon after.

Korean manufacturer, Kia, have highlighted its family appeal. Vice President of the Overseas Marketing Group has said:

“We are confident that the production version of the mid-size K4 family sedan will set a whole new standard for its class in China.”