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Kahn Vengeance supercar revealed at Geneva

Yesterday was a busy day at Geneva as the event has finally begun and people took to social media to share their pictures and videos as well as their thoughts on the vehicles they saw at the show. One vehicle that pleasantly surprised everyone by making an appearance is the new Khan Vengeance. Based on the Aston Marti DB9, the vehicle is expected to go sale in the near future however a limited number of units will be available.

The most unusual car doors in history

Over the years, vehicles have changed greatly. If you look at the cars produced 30 or even 40 years ago, you’ll notice just how much they have evolved. Back in the day, vehicles looked much more unusual. Each had its own, unique appearance and although they all shared similar elements, somehow they all managed to look different. As time progressed and we began to understand what works and what doesn’t, all vehicles became rather similar. If you look at the majority of modern cars, you’ll see that they all feature similar elements, ones that have been proven to work.