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Citroen DS 6WR (2014) – first look

Let’s have a first look at the new Citroen DS 6WR. It may have an undesirable name, but the new premium SUV is actually a huge part of the ‘Back in the Race’ plan touted by the new PSA (Peugeot SA Group) chairman, Carlos Tavares.

This is a sneak peek of the vehicle ahead of its big launch at the Beijing Motor Show

It is thought to be the same size as the Nissan Qasqhai and Toyota RAV4, and in the premium league, its shape is similar to the Audi Q3 and Q5

Under the bonnet, we have a 197bhp 1.6 litre supercharged direct-injection four- cylinder beast of an engine. An e-THP version of the same power is available too.

Thing is, sorry to excite you like this, but this unappetisingly-named vehicle is only available in China currently, being sold until the end of the year.

Seems to me like Peugeot are purely capitalising on the world’s largest car market – China. Suppose I don’t blame them, but it is very much a tease for us Brits.

One can hope.