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Advantages of leasing a car for business

Running a business will often require you or some of your staff to visit clients and let’s face it, a car is the most direct way of getting from A to B unless your clients all work right next to a train station.

Buying a car will likely not be an option if you’re starting out due to the astronomical costs of buying new.

So what are the benefits of leasing a car through a business rather than buying?

  • business car leasing deals are short term (often 2 or 3-years)
  • monthly payments can be very favourable depending on leasing provider
  • opportunity to drive a new car you might not otherwise
  • helps convey that all-important professional image of success
  • mileage flexibility so you can customise your deal to your needs perfectly
  • peace of mind with servicing often included
  • 50 per cent VAT reclaim (often called blocked VAT) when the car is returned

Do be aware though that at no point do you own the car – so no customisations – and it could prove costly if you damage the vehicle or go over any mileage allowances.

If you wanted to buy the vehicle at the end of the deal (or more than 50 per cent of the way in) you can. This will by with a balloon payment.

However, most refinance a new car, because, hello, new car!

You may end up with a beauty like this for less…


BMW i8 – check out the review here: