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BMW M5 Competition Edition revealed

BMW has just revealed its latest limited edition vehicle – the BMW M5 Competition Edition limited to 200 examples.

No stranger to special edition models, BMW has done it again. To celebrate the end of the current generation of the M5, the brand decided to introduce a limited edition version of the vehicle, with a mere 200 units expected to be built.

Advantages of leasing a car for business

Running a business will often require you or some of your staff to visit clients and let’s face it, a car is the most direct way of getting from A to B unless your clients all work right next to a train station.

Buying a car will likely not be an option if you’re starting out due to the astronomical costs of buying new.

So what are the benefits of leasing a car through a business rather than buying?

  • business car leasing deals are short term (often 2 or 3-years)
  • monthly payments can be very favourable depending on leasing provider
  • opportunity to drive a new car you might not otherwise
  • helps convey that all-important professional image of success
  • mileage flexibility so you can customise your deal to your needs perfectly
  • peace of mind with servicing often included
  • 50 per cent VAT reclaim (often called blocked VAT) when the car is returned

Do be aware though that at no point do you own the car – so no customisations – and it could prove costly if you damage the vehicle or go over any mileage allowances.

If you wanted to buy the vehicle at the end of the deal (or more than 50 per cent of the way in) you can. This will by with a balloon payment.

However, most refinance a new car, because, hello, new car!

You may end up with a beauty like this for less…


BMW i8 – check out the review here:


BMW to offer carbon fibre wheels very soon

A carbon fiber wheel from BMW

Munich-based car giant BMW has just recently announced that it will offer fully carbon fibre wheels in the next year or two. Exciting stuff.

Alongside the carbon fibre wheels, the steering wheel and propeller shaft will see an equally riveting modification.

Reports claim the technology, known as Carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer (abbreviated to CFRP, could be on the market as soon as early 2016.

It follows the Citroën SM, which, in 1972, sat on the first set of production glass fiber and resin wheels.

If you’re considering investing in the technology, you’ll be interested to know that the M3 and M4 will be the benefactors.

So if you need a few bob to save up until then, why not check out how much you car is worth now, so you can get properly planning?

CES 2014: ‘BMW, drive me to safety!’

A BMW is put though its paces at test track where a safety system that takes over control of the car in skids is tested

Fresh from CES 2014. Did you know that BMW is working on a self-driving car that actives only in emergencies.

Released to eagerly anticipating eyes in the scorching desert of Las Vegas, this concept is nothing but hot.

At the Consumer Electronics Show that is renowned for releasing the year’s latest gadgets, cars and tech.

So far, this year has not dissappointed.

According to the German car manufacturing giant, BMW, they have prototypes fitted with a system called ActiveAssist.

The automated system is reported to have perfromed flawlessly and with great precision in a wet slalom test run.

Real world trials are expected on Europe’s roads in 2015. BMW don’t expect a highly autonomous vehicle to be road-ready until 2020.

So you have plenty of time to save before selling your used BMW just yet.