Arash AF10 to launch at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show

The Geneva Motor show is perhaps one of the biggest events on the planet. It’s been around for a very long time and each year it gives a tiny glimpse into the future of cars. This year’s line-up is looking amazing at the moment, and it keeps getting better. It has just been announced that the all-new Arash AF10 will launch at the event next month.

Arash- F10

The Arash AF10 was showcased back in 2008 for the first time, however it never entered production. That was eight years ago and the AF10 is finally making a return.

The new and improved AF10 reportedly has an output of 2080 bhp and is capable of reaching a top speed of 200mph.

Unlike the original AF10, which was powered by a 7.0-litre pushrod V8 engine, the new version comes with a five-part hybrid drivetrain.

A naturally aspirated version of the AF10 will reportedly become available at a later date, however no details about the car have yet been revealed.

Arash is known for its sports cars however it’s still quite small compared to some of the other manufacturers that specialise in similar vehicles.

It will be interesting to see what it has in store for us next month, which is why we’re extremely excited.

Whether the vehicle will be successful or not remains to be seen, however it would be great to see the brand grow and expand.

It’s always exciting to see new hypercars, especially ones that looks as intriguing and fascinating as the AF10.

Only time will tell how well the vehicle is received but we couldn’t be more excited to see the AF10 in all its glory at the Geneva Motor Show next month.

How do you feel about the all new AF10? Are you a fan? Let us know down in the comments and if you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to let us know as we love hearing from you.

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